Aran Cable Knitting Stitch

Aran Cable Knitting Stitch.

Great Celtic style cable knitting pattern, perfect for aran sweaters!



4 thoughts on “Aran Cable Knitting Stitch”

  1. Can someone point out where I can get the actual typed out complete pattern? Aran Cable Knitting Stitch. There are two different cable patterns in the photograph, maybe three. I would love to get the complete pattern

  2. Based on my book, “400 Knitting Stitches” published by Potter Craft, written would be:
    forward slashes, /, are cable back,
    // is slip 2 on cable needle, hold in back, k2, k2 on cable needle
    backward slashes, \, are cable front,
    \ is slip 1 on cable needle, hold in front, k1, k1 stitch on cable needle
    \\ is slip 2 on cable needle, hold in front, k2, k2 on cable needle
    single backward slash \ is
    blank boxes are knit on RS, purl on WS, or knit all in the round

  3. Sorry, I was wrong about the blank boxes. The clear boxes are knit on the RS. The shadded boxes are purl on the RS.

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