Basketweave with Holes

Basketweave with Holes knit stitch.

Basketweave with holes Basketweave with holes 1

3 thoughts on “Basketweave with Holes”

  1. It’s pretty, but the lack of text instructions leaves a newbie — me — totally out of the loop. I don’t yet know how to read the diagram, and certainly don’t read Russian.

    1. This site is a passion project of mine, I work stitches out with the help of other knitters, perhaps it’s not for you. Kind regards.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for this site, it always gives me inspiration for interesting patterns.
    To all who want to knit this pattern, the circle is a yo, combined with k2tog or ssk, the rest are knit/purl according to the side. If you take it as an all-over pattern, you always have the combination of yo, k2tog and ssk, not only 2 of them as you need to repeat just the 8 stiches in the middle and not the whole pattern

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