Flower Triangle lace

Flower Triangle lace free knitting stitch chart.

Flower Triangle lace Flower Triangle lace

7 thoughts on “Flower Triangle lace”

  1. I think I’ve got most of the stitches figured out in English but I am having trouble with the symbol that has the 3 and 7 in the X. I know it means knit 3 together and yarn over but why are those two repeated several times in the directions for the symbol?

  2. I checked out your web page and your lace is absolutely beautiful. I would never have the patience to do that large a project. It takes me a year to do a project that should only take a fews week to complete now! How talented you are! Thanks for the help. Now I will try and see if it works. It seems similar to the way a NUPPS is created but without gathering it all back together.

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