Garter and Lace Shawl Pattern

(NOTE: this is translated as best as possible from Russian!)

Size: 85 x 185 cm

You will need:

“Silkbloom extra fine” (55% Merino wool and 45% natural silk, 300 m / 50 g): 200 g of a lavender color № iz 17; ring, spokes № 3,5, length 100 cm.

Patterns and knitting:

A lace pattern: knit according to diagram A. 1x Knit rows 1-48. In the following p. continue the pattern.

In lace pattern: knit according to diagram B. 1x Knit rows 1-54. then knit 1x rows 35-54.

Lace pattern C: Knit diagram C. Starting with 3 to n-1 th arrow, and then continuously repeating rapport between the arrows f end between the arrows b and c… 1x knit rows 1-10. knitting density of 22 p and 38 n.. A filigree pattern stitch № 3,5 = 10 x 10 cm.

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