Japanese lace stitch pattern chart

Japanese lace stitch pattern chart.

Japanese lace stitch pattern chart

8 thoughts on “Japanese lace stitch pattern chart”

  1. Hello, I have some difficulties to understand the pattern. Can you please explain me what every stich means ?
    Because I am not sure…

    1. Dear Audrey
      A blank square is knit
      – is purl
      The upside down y is knit together and the mirrored one is slip slip knit
      O is yarn over
      I hope you understand my expectation

  2. Thank you so much for awesome patterns.
    I am a bit unsure about reading the charts. Can you give me a chart explaining table perhaps? Sincere thanks

  3. I just stumbled across your wonderful site. I haven’t tried any of your patterns yet but am excited to do so. Thank you for all your hard work in giving us this incredible selection of knitting stitches!! It is much appreciated! Now I just have to find the time to look at everything!!!

  4. To people still asking about instructions: It is very easy to find instructions for stitch symbols by googling. Once you learn them, they’re second nature and you’ll start hating written instructions. Youtube has many great videos with instructions.

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