Kid Lace Knitting Stitch

Kid Lace Knitting Stitch.

Kid Lace Knitting Stitch

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  1. Hello, I would really like to use this lace pattern, but am having trouble finding what each of the symbols mean. Can you provide a link to what the symbols mean in this chart? Thank you

    1. This is an extensive list: – But I don’t know how it’s organized, so you just have to page through it all. Meanwhile, though, the symbols are commonly used in Eastern European and Russian patterns – here’s what they mean:
      The “Horseshoe” or upside-down U is a Yarn-Over
      – The Triangle pointing up is a Centered Double Decrease
      – The triangle sloping leftwards, like a slash \ , is SSK (or SKP – Slip 1 knitways, Knit the next through back loop, then Pass the slipped stitch over the knit)
      – The triangle sloping like a backslash / , is K2tog or (KSP – Knit 1, Slip it back onto the L needle, then Pass the next loop on the L needle over the one you knit, and place it back onto the R needle)
      – The number over the “smile” or “bowl” shaped line is an Increase symbol, meaning “Knit that many stitches into the loop” front, then back, and alternating for the needed number.
      – A vertical line means “knit on the right side” and a blank empty square means “purl on the right side”.
      – Since only that “odd numbered” or “right side” rows are shown, the “wrong side” is all purled.
      – The + means “edge stitches go here”.

  2. Can you direct me to a website link where I can find out what all of these symbols mean? I have managed to figure some out on my own, but don’t have them all. Thank you

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