Knitting Stitch – Mock Cable

Mock cable knitting stitch pattern.



3 thoughts on “Knitting Stitch – Mock Cable”

  1. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to post pics or documents on the site… I don’t run this site. But it’s an easy enough pattern to write up on your own. Solid squares are knits (purl on wrong side), white squares are purl (knit on wrong side), circles are yarn over (knit on wrong side), triangles slanting to right are Knit 2 Tog (knit on wrong side), and triangles to left are spsp knit (knit on wrong side). It might take a little time to write up but it’s a simple enough pattern.

    1. Sorry got some of that wrong.
      For the wrong side the only thing you knit are the purls from the right side… everything else on wrong side is purl… my bad

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