Lace Leaf Stitch Knitting

Lace Leaf Stitch Knitting pattern.




7 thoughts on “Lace Leaf Stitch Knitting”

  1. Is there a key for decoding above chart or instructions in English. what do you do on even rows knit the knit and pearl the pearls? This is such a beautiful pAttern I would love to try it. Thanks for any help. Nancy

  2. Stitches decode as follows:

    ___ Purl
    I Knit
    U YO
    downward arrow SKPO
    downward arrow with number 2 in it is K2TOG

  3. I would love to knit this beautiful stitch too , I have read the sts decode above and they make sense . Apart from ..
    What is the stitch used in the blank boxes ? Knit or Purl ?

    Thank you for any help you can give me with this

    1. Blank boxes are no stitch. They are just the to keep the chart visually intact.

      Wrong side stitches should be knit or purled as they present themselves.

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