Ribbed Knit and Purl Chevron Stitch

Ribbed Knit and Purl Chevron Stitch.

Ribbed Knit and Purl Chevron Stitch

8 thoughts on “Ribbed Knit and Purl Chevron Stitch”

  1. I love this pattern. Call me dumb, blonde or old (or all three) but I just can’t work it out from the chart. Are there written instructions for it please?

  2. Annie, I’m having the same problem. I believe the | and – mean knit and purl for the ribbed part, but I just can’t figure out the other stitch. I, too, would like written instructions. I fell in love with this pattern at first sight! I suppose I could do a seed stitch or such, but I would really like to have it correctly done.

  3. It is a very beautiful pattern. It is disappointing that no one has answered the question on what the “v” symbol is for. I agree with Janis’ guess that it might be to knit in the row below.

  4. I Love the Ribbed Knit and Purl Chevron Stitch.
    I cannot, absolutely cannot, follow charts.
    I knit as a calming activity, but charts reduce me to tears.
    Is there any chance that you have written instructions for this stitch?

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