11 thoughts on “Single Leaf in a Diamond Lace Panel

  1. Is there any chance you have the ‘Single Leaf in a Diamond Lace Panel’ pattern written out, rather than as a chart?

    1. I am also interested I the leaf on diamond background and like yourself prefer written patterns. So I planned on working out the written form and I’m happy to emailbit to you if you’re interested.

  2. Im also keen to knit the leaf in diamond pattern and haven’t got the knack of reading charts just yet. I made up my mind quickly when there was no written pattern that i was going to do it so I’m happy to email it to you.

    1. Hi Kate, I am keen to have a go at knitting this diamond with a leaf but have never knitted charts could you please email me the written instructions.

  3. Thank you so much for your nice site.as i am bigner i couldnt use the patern but i think a perfessional person can .i wonder there is not any way to help me .
    I will appreciated .
    Regards .

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