Three Dimensional Stitch

Beautiful three-dimensional pattern for knitting.

Three dimensional KNitting Stitch pattern

Three dimensional KNitting Stitch pattern 1

Красивый объемный узор для вязания спицами.

3 thoughts on “Three Dimensional Stitch”

  1. Ellis says:

    Pity the pattern chart signs part is not translated . Searched but could not find a book or so, that translates / explains knittingsigns worldwide. Is there not a russian lady/man in your neighbourhood who’s able and willing to do this, at least on knittingkingdom.
    Have a nice day,

  2. Larisa says:

    The legend translates as follows:
    Yarn over
    Knit 2 together slanting left or SSK
    Knit 2 together slanting right or K2together

    Purl all wrong side rows


    1. Jayalakshmi MH says:

      Thanks for clarifying. So, is it a 28 row repeat?

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