Free Knitting Stitch – Eyelet Diamond Wave

Free Knitting Stitch – Eyelet Diamond Wave.

Free Knitting Stitch - Eyelet Diamond

Special Abbreviations

Slip marker (sm): Slip marker fromLH to RH needle.

Slip, slip, purl (ssp): Slip next 2 sts1 at a time kwise, slip sts back to LHneedle and p2tog-tbl.

Yarn back (yb):  Bring yarn to backof work.

Yarn front (yf):  Bring yarn to front of work

Pattern Stitch

Cast on a panel of 11 sts.

Row 1 (RS):  Yo, k1, p3, k5, k2tog.

Row 2:  P6, k3, p2.

Row 3:  K1, yo, k1, p3, k4, k2tog.

Row 4: P5, k3, p3.

Row 5:  K2, yo, k1, p3, k3, k2tog.

Row 6:  P4, k3, p4.

Row 7: K3, yo, k1, p3, k2, k2tog.

Row 8:  P3, k3, p5.

Row 9:  K4, yo, k1, p3, k1, k2tog.

Row 10:  P2, k3, p6.

Row 11: K5, yo, k1, p3, k2tog.

Row 12:  P1, k3, p7.

Row 13:  Ssk, k5, p3, k1, yo.

Row 14:  P2, k3, p6.

Row 15:  Ssk, k4, p3, k1, yo, k1.

Row 16: P3, k3, p5.

Row 17:  Ssk, k3, p3, k1, yo, k2.

Row 18: P4, k3, p4.

Row 19: Ssk, k2, p3, k1, yo, k3.

Row 20: P5, k3, p3.

Row 21: Ssk, k1, p3, k1, yo, k4.

Row 22:  P6, k3, p2.

Row 23: Ssk, p3, k1, yo, k5.

Row 24:  P7, k3, p1. 

Repeat Rows 1–24 for pattern.

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