Lace Knitting Stitch with Wavy Edge

Lace Knitting Stitch with Wavy Edge.



Translation for Japanese knitting Sybmols

9 thoughts on “Lace Knitting Stitch with Wavy Edge”

  1. I don’t like charts, can’t read charts, dont want to learn charts. Would it be possible to have “translations” for these beautiful patterns? Thank you so much, it all looks so wonderful!

  2. Hi, I love this pattern but am useless with charts and the Japanese explanation I can’t work out.
    PLEASE can you write it out .? Pretty Please. x

  3. Thank you. Lovely pattern. It’s no trouble to take the time myself to work out the chart, some people are very demanding!

  4. Hello the blackened space means NO stitch. This means when you come to it, ignore it. It’s just been put there because the stitch on the previous row was decreased and if you did NOT include a NO STiTCH the chart would not line up. So, ignore it and go on to do whatever the next stitch is Hope that helped. Lu x

  5. Has anyone ever written this pattern out? I have tried it a few times but it never comes out looking right 🙁

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