Pretty Lace Knitting Stitch Chart

Pretty Lace Knitting Stitch Chart with a wavy edge.

pretty lace knitting stitch

pretty lace knitting stitch 1

pretty lace knitting stitch 2

2 thoughts on “Pretty Lace Knitting Stitch Chart”

  1. saroj says:

    Comment Text*pplzz symbol meaning provide in english language

  2. Going down the list of symbols
    1 is k2tog
    2 yarnover
    3 knit
    4 s1 k1 psso
    5 k1tbl
    6 Purl tbl
    7 purl

    At least I’m 90% sure on that. Give it a try with those stitches while purling the wrong side and see if that gets the same look.

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