Roses lace pattern intricate knitting stitch 2

Roses lace pattern intricate knitting stitch 2.

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for help translating some Russian knitting symbols into English.
    Please find the website with the knitting pattern here:

    Could someone please tell me what:
    1). a “z” means in English
    2). a “1/3” means in English (k3tog on right side, p3tog on wrong side?)
    3). a triangle means in English (p2tog?)
    4). a dot means in English
    5). an “x” with a vertical line in the center is in English
    6). three vertical slashes “///” or “\\\” means in English

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi
    Beautiful pattern. Unfortunately, I can’t read all of it as I can’t read the language nor type it into Google translate. Can anyone help me and translate I and Z to English?
    Thank you.

    1. Here’s my own intrepretation:

      . knit
      o yarn over
      / k2tog
      \ ssk
      | knit through the back loop
      Z slip 1 knitwise
      1/3 (k, yo, k) in 1 stitch
      ∆ s2tog-k1-ps2sso (middle stitch in the front)
      /|\ s1-k2tog-psso (right stitch in the front and middle in the back)
      /// k3tog
      \\\ sssk
      ‘>|< (k, yo, k) in k3tog
      4A s2tog-ssk-p2sso (knit 4 st together with the second stitch in the front)
      5A s3tog-ssk-p3sso (knit 5 st together with middle stitch in the front)

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