Wavy ribbing stitch

Wavy ribbing stitch free knitting chart.

wavy ribbing stitch wavy ribbing stitch 1

4 thoughts on “Wavy ribbing stitch”

  1. Shravan Kumar Sharma says:

    These types of patterns are useful to us and I request you show all knitting Graf with indication by name of dign

  2. Karen says:

    Hi there. Very interested in this stitch but can’t make head nor tail of the chart. Is there a key for all the notations in the charts? If so I’d be very pleased. There’s quite a few stitches in here I’d love to use if I was confident of what the notations referred to.

  3. Sue says:

    Like Karen I am interested in this pattern but is there a key for the symbols.

  4. Natalia Karlik says:

    Nice collections, is there any way you can publish legend for symbols used? I like to use symbols, but different sources using different legends, sometimes it is hard to guess, what stitch exactly is meant at each particular pattern.

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