Wavy ribbing stitch

Wavy ribbing stitch free knitting chart.

wavy ribbing stitch wavy ribbing stitch 1

4 thoughts on “Wavy ribbing stitch”

  1. These types of patterns are useful to us and I request you show all knitting Graf with indication by name of dign

  2. Hi there. Very interested in this stitch but can’t make head nor tail of the chart. Is there a key for all the notations in the charts? If so I’d be very pleased. There’s quite a few stitches in here I’d love to use if I was confident of what the notations referred to.

  3. Nice collections, is there any way you can publish legend for symbols used? I like to use symbols, but different sources using different legends, sometimes it is hard to guess, what stitch exactly is meant at each particular pattern.

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