Large lace waves knitting stitch

Large lace waves knitting stitch.

large waves knitting stitch

large waves knitting stitch 1

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  1. Would be very nice if their was a written pattern in English for this. Also would be nice if the chart was in English. When will you post the pattern and chart in English ? ? ?

  2. Ok, which symbols match up to knit slk1psso yo k2tg k3tog ? ? ? Stitch count ? Cast on ?

    1. The order is how the symbols appear above.
      Slip slip knit (ssk),
      Yarn over,
      Knit 2 together,
      Knit 3 together.
      Cast on 71. Read the pattern right to left. The rows shown are the odd number rows (right side). You purl all stitches on the even rows (wrong side).
      I actually haven’t done this pattern; so, I don’t know if there are any errors.
      Happy knitting 🙂

  3. Looks to me like: Circles are yo. Triangles with the diagonal side on the left are k2t. Triangles with the diagonal side on the right are skp. Equilateral triangles are k3t.
    Stitch count depends on whether you want to do repeats (the section in the magenta box) but it’s a minimum of 40 if you leave out the repeatable section, and 30 stitch wide repeats. The motif is 20 rows high.

  4. The stitches provided by Kelly is in order of the key on picture. The pattern is a 30 repeat. You will want to add at least a stitch as a border. The pic shows about 3 rows of purl stitches at the bottom. You could try to do 3 stitches on the sides.This would make the pattern a multiple of 30 +6 (or whatever # of border stitches you choose)

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